Berlin 2009

Hello again! I hope everyone is doing great and living life to the fullest, well as much as you can in these times 😊 I’m going to share some of my travels and I’m starting with the oldest one, which is Berlin 2009.

Back story: My mom is from Berlin so I have all of my relatives, from her side of the family, in Germany. I’ve been there a few times, but the one time that I remember the most from is 2009 🙂

I won’t write excessively about every place I’ve been. But I will tell you what I thought about it and my favorite experiences ✌🏻 And of course share (too many) pictures.

So Berlin. My favorite experiences was of course to meet the family again and to see the city again 😊 I I’m so thankful for that trip, because it allowed me to see my grandmother one last time 💕 She is deeply missed! The downside with this trip was that everything looked and smelled different… Explanation: When I was a kid, Berlin was ”old” Berlin, 2009 most of the city was rebuilt and all tidied up. Even the subways were redone and all new and shiny. I did not like this transformation… Berlin when I was a kid was sooo beautiful and old-looking and had a certain smell to it that I loved! Everything was so different compared to Sweden, it was like Berlin had a kind of calm to it. And the old subways, omg I loved the subways in Berlin as a kid! The smell was, and still is to this day, my favorite smell in the world! It’s super hard trying to explain the smell, but I think melting rubber is a close comparison 🤔 And not rubber as in condoms 😅 I know it sounds like a terrible smell, but I think that smell of the subways and all my memories of Berlin as a kid mixed together is what makes it so amazing ❤️

”I am not going to write excessively about…” Yeah well this is what happens when I’m bored and have no one to talk to 😂🙈 Anyways, here are some pictures from my trip to Berlin in 2009.

I still have no idea what this thing is called, but it’s a famous mark in Berlin 😜
The new and ”improved” subway 🙄
An old, not improved (thank god) church.
Inside the church 😍
My beautiful mother and grandmother 💕
Love this picture. It’s the entrance to my aunties beautiful allotment 😊
A piece of the Berlin wall.
No caption needed.
My aunties beautiful allotment, where she grew her own fruits and vegetables.
Last but not least, a picture of me and my mom at a neighborhood party in Berlin 😘


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