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Berlin 2009

Hello again! I hope everyone is doing great and living life to the fullest, well as much as you can in these times 😊 I’m going to share some of my travels and I’m starting with the oldest one, which is Berlin 2009. Back story: My mom is from Berlin so I have all ofFortsätt läsa ”Berlin 2009”

Something pretty.

In times like this, the corona virus is spreading like wildfire, I’m doing my best to stay in and not socialize with people. It’s hard cuz I miss being around people but I don’t want to catch the virus and risk passing it on to someone close to me who is at risk of dyingFortsätt läsa ”Something pretty.”

So far so good

Hello everyone! (Do I even have any followers?) 🤔 I’m sitting here sipping a caramel latte and waiting for the laundry to be done, and I feel like I need to tell you that I have to walk down 8! stairs to get the laundry and then I need to carry it 8! stairs up…Fortsätt läsa ”So far so good”

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